Friday, November 1, 2013

Temminck's Stints at IRRI - 1 Nov

Over the last couple of days a small group of Temminck's Stints have been present in the fields at IRRI. They were first seen about midday on 31 Oct, and were still present on the afternoon of 1 Nov. The group consists of at least 3, and possibly as many as 5 birds (an unidentified flock of 5 stints was observed in the early morning of 1 Nov)

This was the first seen (bird 1), on 31 Oct, a further two birds were nearby in the same fields (birds 2 & 3). The leg colour is obscured by the sticky mud, but the brown tones to the upperparts, and the breast band are good indicators. This individual took flight while I was photographing birds 2 & 3...
Possibly the same bird seen a little later in a different field about 100m from the first site.

Note in these two pictures the long tail extending past the primaries, unlike all other stints that occur in The Philippines
These two were in exactly the same place as birds 2 & 3 on 1 Nov. The light is a little better, and the legs are a little cleaner, making the yellowish tone to the legs more visible...
...most noticeably on this individual.
This was the bird present (in exactly the same field) on 30 Sept.

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