Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week ending 17th Nov - IRRI

The weather brightened considerably this week, becoming very clear and sunny (and hot) by the end of the week. Thursday saw the arrival of a few migrants, including a Greenshank among the Wood Sandpipers etc. Richard and I decided to try and revisit the night-ringing plan from a couple of weeks ago, but this time during full moon. We were very confident that this time we'd strike gold, so our disappointment was even worse when we actually caught even fewer birds! The only bird trapped was a juvenile Painted Snipe, though we did get another bat. This one was one of the smaller insectiverous species, however we didn't get a photo sadly.

During the night we had a couple of flybys from a Grass Owl, as well as hearing at least 2 Philippine Scops Owls calling from nearby wooded areas.

In the morning the Peregrine was hunting at dawn, and a solitary Purple Heron flew in from the adjacent farm.

Juvenile male Painted Snipe


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