Saturday, July 31, 2010

End of July

An odd record of a Philippine Woodpecker on the farms today. They normally are in on near the forested areas on the mountain, but do occasionally stray. A few Lowland White-eye in the tree at the same time, so 2 Phil endemics together which was nice. Wood Sandpiper numbers are building up, and Barn Swallows are increasing too. Oddly all the Cattle Egrets seem to have disappeared, but there are several aggregations of Little Egrets, including juveniles.

Philippine Woodpecker

Lowland White-eye

White-browed Crake

Lesser Coucal Juvenile

Fan-tailed Cisticola

Wood Sandpiper

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Late July

The rains have really kicked in now, with Typhoon Baboy coming through on the 14th, and lots more rain since. The paddies are filling up, and the new rice is growing well, hence plenty of greenery, and not much open water or mud. Despite this the first Wood Sands came through this week. Other irregular visitors were Lowland White-eye in the trees near the Open University building, White-bellied Munia on the Upland Farm, and 4 Java Sparrows behind the main buildings. An oddity was a leucistic bird, in company with 2 Striated Swallows and presumed to be a juvenile of that species. All the usual Rallids much in evidence (Barred Rail, Buff-banded Rail, White-browed Crake, White-breasted Waterhen, Common Moorhen) plus a possible Ruddy-breasted Crake on the Upland Farm on 27th (brief flight views only).

Yellow Bittern

Yellow Bittern

White-bellied Munia

White-bellied Munia

Paddyfield Pipit

Long-tailed Shrike

Striated Swallow

Leucistic, juvenile Striated Swallow?