Thursday, November 7, 2013

Friday 8th Nov - IRRI

School was cancelled this morning by government degree because of the approaching typhoon. Working on the theory that bad weather usually means good birds I spent most of the morning in the fields. Between squalls I found a few nice things, including an intriguing flock of 9 large plover-type birds flying overhead. Probably Pacific Golden Plovers, but you never know! At least 4 of the Temminck's Stints were still present, and had been joined by a Long-toed Stint and an alexandrinus Kentish Plover.

On the upland farms a juvenile Purple Heron was the only real bird of interest, though many of the fields are being prepared for planting and there are many hectares of suitable habitat for migrant waders...

Typhoon Yolanda is due to get to us sometime this afternoon. It will pass somewhat to the south, but the promised winds are extremely high so I'm expecting power cuts and downed trees. Let's hope the birds find shelter. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Purple Heron in driving rain on the upland farms.
At least 4 Temminck's Stints still present this morning. This was the closest....

... quite a pretty stint I've decided!
The small-billed alexandrinus race of Kentish Plover.
A rather bedraggled looking Long-toed Stint
Crested Myna with a clearly red eye and reddish legs. I can find no reference to these colours in the various field guides and handbooks I possess, which describe the species as having yellow eyes and legs. Could this be a sign of breeding?
Yolanda. Just rain here at the moment, but the winds are said to be fearsome...

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