Friday, November 8, 2013

Aftermath of Yolanda - 9th Nov 2013

Typhoon Yolanda passed us by to the south, and caused us almost no damage at all amazingly. The Visayas weren't so lucky I believe, haven't seen the pictures yet but 200mph winds are going to cause some damage...

On the farms the Temminck's Stints seem to have disappeared, along with the other waders from yesterday. While looking for them I was stunned to see a Black Drongo flush out of a bush in front of me, however it flew over the fields without stopping, and left the farm heading south. When I found two of these here on 15th Nov 2009 Tim Fisher told me that a few had been seen in recent years, though I haven't heard of any since that date. Those particular birds stayed on the farm all winter, finally leaving in March 2010, sadly this one doesn't seem likely to follow that pattern.

While searching for the Drongo a Grey Heron flew low overhead, but also continues south out of the farm.

Grey Heron. After not seeing any here for 5 years, I now have two sightings in little over a week!
Crested Myna. Less red and more orangey legs and eyes on this individual.


  1. Seems the waders knew of changes in the air and the herons must be moving for a reason.

  2. Just shows how little we know, I would have bet on the stints staying put with the rain and wind overnight. Nice one on the drongo, not sure on the count but I'm sure still less than 20 records.

  3. Always worth getting out and about after some adverse weather ! Crested Mynas are pretty clever, they're common in Hong Kong, but hard to photograph well.