Wednesday, October 30, 2013

IRRI - 31st October

Wednesday saw Richard and I ringing again, trying to get a better look at the Acros we had on Monday, but no luck there. We did have lots of other birds though, including 4 Brown Shrikes, 3 Striated Grassbirds and many Chestnut Munias. The last catch of the evening was a bat which we managed to release without being bitten. A major achievement! A flock of 4 Grey Herons overhead was interesting, my first record at IRRI of this common species.

Thursday was dry, and a quick drive around the fields produced an amazing 3 Temminck's Stints and 2 Long-toed Stints, among many other commoner birds.

Male Painted Snipe with its brood. Very cute chicks they make too!
One of at least three Temminck's Stint in the fields on Thursday.

(My initial identification was Rufous-necked, which is obviously wrong. I was thrown by the muddy legs is my only excuse!)
This group of 4 young Grey Herons flying over the farm on Wednesday is the first sighting I've had of this species at IRRI.
Ringing on Wednesday produced this juvenile White-breasted Waterhen, among others.


  1. Oh! I've never seen snipe chicks before! They are very cute indeed! =)

  2. The stint is interesting Paul, quite brown rather than grey above,is that typical for RN Stint?