Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IRRI staff housing - 21st/ 22nd February

Tuesday was the first sunny day in weeks, so I took the opportunity to have an afternoon wander around the staff housing complex. A large fruiting tree in the grounds of the DG's house attracted a lot, including Pygmy Flowerpecker and Red-keeled Flowerpecker, Yellow-vented Bulbul and many Coppersmiths. A male Purple-throated Sunbird showed well, and a solitary Eye-browed Thrush perched in the top of a tree for a few minutes. Stripe-headed Rhabdornis and Philippine Woodpeckers were also conspicuous.

On Wednesday a follow-up visit produced Philippine Bulbul, Guiabero and Colasisi in the fruiting tree, as well as a mixed flock of Elegant Tit, Plain-throated Sunbird, Stripe-headed Rhabdornis and Philippine Woodpecker.

Eye-browed Thrush. My first for a couple of years, a great bird to get inside the compound.
...and partner. Lots about today, fruiting trees and sunshine, they seemed to be having a ball!
Grey-streaked Flycatcher
Female Philippine Woodpecker
Purple-throated Sunbird, displaying the nominate feature...
On Monday a Wood Sandpiper with a broken bill provided a small ID challenge when seen in silhouette!
Several Guiabero visited the tree on Wednesday

White-throated Kingfisher by the Guest House

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  1. Wow! An Eye-browed Thrush! I want to see this bird soon =)