Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week ending 27th February - IRRI, Corregidor

Birding on the farm was interrupted by the annual grade 8 camp in Subic. Little time for birding, apart from incidentally on Corregidor on Thursday. Lots of Black-naped Orioles and Asian Glossy Starlings around, with a few Brahminy Kites as well. On the way a few Black-headed Gulls on the fish traps.

A quick trip around IRRI on Friday. Single Brahminy Kite and Common Kestrel were nice. It looks like the Green Sandpiper has gone, I haven't seen it for a week. The Peregrine was present on Monday, but gone by Friday.

Common Kestrel. This seems to be a regular early spring passage migrant. Annual records between late Feb and late March over the last 3 years, all on the upland farm.

Brahminy Kite. Showing a similar annual pattern to Common Kestrel, but a bit more spread out (mid Jan to Mid March)

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