Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week ending 20th February - IRRI

Very little activity on the farms this week, barring finding a (Philippine) Blue Rock Thrush on one of the IRRI buildings. I've seen them on buildings just outside the compound before, but this was my first on-site. I only saw it once, but am pretty sure it'll be around for a while so hopefully I'll get a chance for a picture.

Aside from that the best bird was a Philippine Scops Owl that I finally coaxed into view in a neighbour's garden midweek. They call regularly near the house (but not at our previous place, odd that), more so than the Philippine Hawk-Owls which are in fact more numerous generally.

Ringing was restricted to a few hours on Sunday morning, and all I caught was a single Cinnamon Bittern. Hopefully better sited nets in a couple of weeks will improve this score.

This Cinnamon Bittern gave me a peck which impressed Conor no end, "daddy, you're bleeding!". That's what a serrated bill will do for you...


  1. Hi Paul
    Great blog. I plan to visit Mt Makiling at the end of a birding trip, around 24th March. Can you tell me if it's necessary to make a booking at the TREES lodge, or is there usually availability? Is there a number or email address I can use to make a reservation?

    Many thanks

  2. They often have conferences there and can be completely booked. There are alternatives though. The email is and the phone number is +63-49-5362639, +63-49-5362268 or +63-49-5362736.

    If that's full try the SEARCA guesthouse +63-49-5363482, though it's not as close to the trail.

    Get in touch ( when you come and we can go birding together (weekends only I'm afraid, day-job).