Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week ending 12th December - IRRI

Monday I tried for the nightjars again. This time there was no sight or sound of the Philippine Nightjar, but a single Great-eared Nightjar appeared. I haven't heard this bird call anywhere here yet, but this is the third time I've seen it. Another bash on Thursday produced the same result. Maybe I was lucky last week?

Several Intermediate Egrets about, as well as Cattle and Little. No Great Egrets at all at the moment. Sunday produced another Common Kestrel, this time on the main farm, and a pair of Kentish Plovers there too, an earlier record than in previous years.

ADUC records this week. Great-eared Nightjar, Black-crowned Night-Heron, Kentish Plover

Buff-banded Rail on the upland farm

A pair of Barred Buttonquail dust-bathing on the upland farm

A Tree Frog chilled-out in the plant outside my front door

Barn Swallow most likely to be ssp. gutturalis (buff to white belly, as against cinnamon for saturata, the two recorded races in The Philippines. Other races are likely to occur however)

Kentish Plover ssp dealbatus. The first record this winter at IRRI, and the first winter record I've had before January

Intermediate Egret, ssp. intermedia. The tiny black tip to the bill is distinctive in this Asian race

Little Egret 

Paddyfield Pipit

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  1. Paul,
    Nice the dealbatus. Its status in Phils is a bit up in the air. Now considered a good split from the Kentish.

    Steve (cuckooroller)