Thursday, February 16, 2012

Week to 16th February - IRRI

A strange week weather-wise. Quite unseasonally overcast, continuing the pattern of the last couple of weekends. Little movement visible with small numbers of the regular wintering birds scattered throughout. A male and female Common Kingfisher on the Experimental Farm (on separate days, maybe there is some passage?) were the rather dim highlight. Whiskered Tern numbers are building, and the Cattle Egrets are starting to develop breeding plumage.

Buff-banded Rail, having a bit of a stretch
White-breasted Wood-Swallow. A very social species, always cuddling up to each other when perched.
Cattle Egret. A few birds starting to come into breeding plumage.
A pair of Painted Snipe hiding in an overgrown paddy.
At least two different Common Kingfishers in the fields this week, This bird, with a reddish base to the lower mandible is female...
And a male with an all black bill in the next paddy.
Brown Shrike, tucking into something juicy.
White Collared Kingfisher

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