Saturday, February 4, 2012

Makiling upper trail - 4th February

An early start up Makiling. After picking up Richard at 5:00 am we drove up to Agila camp. It was a very overcast day, and dawn was slow in coming. Early calling birds included Philippine Hawk-Owl, White-browed Shama and Spotted Wood-Kingfisher. Once the light finally filtered through we headed up the trail, with a pair of Luzon Flameback the first birds visible, directly above Agila camp. The morning was damp, with periodic showers, and lots of low cloud. Bird activity was consequently muted. Small flocks of commoner species were encountered periodically, but little to stir the blood. About halfway to station 14 a Pechora Pipit on the track provided some excitement, as did a small, noisy group of Luzon Hornbill. We continued past station 14 for about a kilometre, to little advantage, before turning around when the weather worsened.

On the way down bird activity was even less, until we were close to Agila camp when a bird flushed from the track, and disappeared around the corner. We edged closer, to find a gorgeous Ashy Ground Thrush sitting in the middle of the track. A fantastic bird, and a much better view than the brief glimpse I had at La Mesa Eco-Park in September. I knew the upper trail would have them!

My main camera is in for repairs, so it's close ups of crawlies with the pocket camera this week.

 Millipede sp.
Leech sp. One of three species present on Makiling.
Droppings from what looks like a Viverrid spp., possibly Malayan Civet


  1. Hi Paul, where abouts is Agila Camp? rob

  2. Agila Camp is the highest point you can take a four-wheeled vehicle on the Makiling Trail, a couple of Km past the coconut sellers and hot springs turn-off. It is the place on the track where it becomes a walking only trail.