Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week ending 12th September

Another wet week, with very little to report from the farms. A flyover Brahminy Kite on the Calamba-Los Banos road was the only bird of note. The weekend was a long one (Eid al fitr) so we went across to Puerto Galera. I have rarely seen much on the crossing, so was quite unprepared for the all dark Shearwater that zoomed across our bows (well not really, 100+ metres away). I couldn't see much of the underparts, other than that the belly was also dark, (was there a flash of silvery underwings? not sure). Feeling unsatisfied, and annoyed that I hadn't been ready with the bins sooner I sat back down, just in time for a second bird to fly past, at about the same range. This one seemed to have plain dark underwings, so not Sooty then. Size ruled out Bulwer's, leaving just one candidate. As I had not expected to see anything at all I had decided not to bring my field guide, so had to wait until sunday to confirm a Wedge-tailed Shearwater. Excellent! The return journey on Sunday was less exciting, though a fly-past Sanderling provided some brief interest.

Java Sparrows

Barred Buttonquail (male)

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