Saturday, July 28, 2012

Subic, 26 - 28 July

A quick trip to Subic before the beginiing of term trying to catch up with the three remaining specials in the area. Rufous Coucal was the first found, on the Thursday. I inadvertently separated a group of three, and had agitated birds calling on either side of me for 20 minutes. As with many blockers, once unblocked they seem to appear everywhere. On Saturday morning I found at least 4 groups on the trail at Hill 394. When I learned the call I found them to be quite common.

On the way out, at the parking area to the trail I found the second of the key birds. A pair of White-lored Orioles feeding in a fig tree. They were calling softly to each other, and took a little while to locate, but were magic when I finally got on to them.

This leaves just White-fronted Tit to find from this area. Next time.

Other endemics in the area included Red-crested Malkoha, Scale-feathered Malkoha, Blackish Cuckoo-Shrike, Luzon Flameback, Luzon Hornbill, Guiabero, Philippine Coucal and Plain Bush-hen.

One of several Rufous Coucal I finally found in the Subic Area. Having got on to the call I realise I have almost certainly heard them many times, but dismissed them as probably squirrels, or parrots!

Northern Sooty Woodpecker. One of a group of three.

Fan-tailed Cisticola. A brief trip down to the fields at IRRI. A fair number of commoner species evident.

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