Thursday, August 16, 2012

Waders passing through IRRI - 16 Aug

The past couple of weeks have seen two tropical depressions passing through the northern part of the Philippines in quick succession. The first (Typhoon Gener) brought widespread flooding to the Manila area (and resulted in 3 days of cancelled school), and the second (Tropical Storm Helen) just added to the mess. Very few chances to get out and about,

By Thursday of this week the rain had finally abated, and I took the chance to get down to the fields to see what was about. A mixed flock of waders was very interesting, with at least 16 Long-toed Stint and 3 Red-necked Stint, along with the more common Wood Sandpipers and Common Sandpipers.

Not much else of note.

On Friday one of the Red-necked Stints was still present, along with most of the Long-toed Stints. 22 Pacific Golden Plovers were also in the fields close to the main buildings, the first record this autumn.

One of about 16 Long-toed Stints feeding in the paddies on Thursday afternoon, the first day without rain in nearly 2 weeks!
 Another bird, taken on Friday 17th.

A Red-necked Stint showing a faint trace of a reddish upper breast.
Possibly the same bird was present on Friday 17th...

This Red-necked Stint still shows some reddish tertials

 Yellow Bittern
A very confiding Fan-tailed Cisticola

Tropical Storm Helen heading off towards the south China coast on Thursday afternoon.


  1. Almost exactly the same time as last year (Red-necked on 10th and Long-toed on 11th). I had a Sharpie come through in August as well last year.