Monday, June 11, 2012

Iwahig - 9th June

For the third leg of my trip I stayed at a hotel in Puerto Princesa (Badjao Inn, 993 pesos/ night including AC). I hired a van and driver (from Estrelita Alejandria - 0920 295 3178) and on the morning of 9th I went to Iwahig. The guide was nice enough, but not particularly knowledgable, and spoke little English besides, so I was on my own, which is fine.

The first bird was a calling Hooded Pitta, which showed well, but only in silhouette so the photographs were poor. The trail is not long, but we took our time and had a pleasant morning. Most notable of the early birds was a couple of Melodious Babbler, which responded aggressively to playback, but were very shy to show themselves. When I finally did get eyes on them I was stunned to see how bulbul-like they were, I in fact dismissed one as a bulbul until my brain kicked in and I realised there were no brown bulbuls with white throats on Palawan (inlike Thailand where there are about 5!).

I also had good views of Spot-throated Flameback (1), Palawan Hornbill (2), Green Imperial Pigeon (3) and Crested Goshawk (1). At a spot towards the end of the trail its possible to sit by a stream, in a clearing. From here I had 3 different Hooded Pittas calling around me, as well as fly-over Blue-naped Parrots (4), a confiding male Black-naped Monarch and another Stork-billed Kingfisher.

Black-naped Monarch. This cracking male was quite unconcerned by my presence!
Green Imperial Pigeon, ssp. palawanensis. Fairly common throughout the forest on Palawan, but always wary.

Palwan Hornbill. One of the great Asian hornbills.

Small frog. By the stream.

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  1. Love the Hornbill... Thanks for this series, a great incentive to get over there and bird Palawan !