Monday, June 11, 2012

Puerto Princesa - 11th June

My last morning on Palawan, and I decided to bird around the airport. Puerto Princesa is a very forested city, and very birdy. The end of the runway sticks out into the sea a little, and the flats here had Grey-tailed Tattler, Whimbrel, Lesser Sandplover and Ruddy Turnstone, with Great Egret and Little Egret in the shallows offshore. The trees along the road adjacent to the airport had Pink-necked Green Pigeon, Black-headed Bulbul, White-vented Shama and Palawan Flowerpecker.

Pink-necked Green Pigeon. A male feeding two insistent youngsters.
Black-headed Bulbul.Fairly common throughout Palawan.
Male Palawan Flowerpecker. One of the more spectacular flowerpeckers, this is very common.
Palawan Bulbul, Alophoixus frater. Recently split from Grey-cheeked Bulbul, another new Palawan endemic...

... as is Ashy-fronted Bulbul, Pycnonotus cinereifrons
White-vented Shama. One of a small number of birds at every site, this individual is doing what this species does best, sing its heart out!

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  1. These breeds are so rare. Hunting should be controlled in the place.