Saturday, March 31, 2012

Makling and IRRI - 31 March

05:30 Saturday morning saw myself, Richard and Claire heading up the Makiling trail again, this time birding from the bottom. It can be very quiet, almost birdless on this section, but today wasn't bad. Lots more heard than seen as usual (including a deafening group of Cicadas right at the start of the trail), but we did get views of both male and female Lovely Sunbirds feeding on the purple creeper flowers. Near here was a female Luzon Flameback, as well as Red-crested Malkoha, Scale-feathered Malkoha, Colasisi, Balicassiao, Philippine Bulbul and Ashy Minivet. A gap in the trees allowed us views of a migrating flock of Grey-faced Buzzards. The road is lined with beautiful red flowers, attracting a few Flaming Sunbirds down to our level, sadly only females.

We tried the mud-spring trail and had brief views of Oriental Cuckoo at the spring itself, and better views of a White-browed Shama on the return trip.

As usual we heard more than we saw, including Yellow-breasted Fruit-Dove, Philippine Hawk-Cuckoo, Philippine Trogon, Grey-backed Tailorbird and Luzon Hornbill.

We ended the day with a quick scoot around the fields. Lots of Painted Snipe about at the moment, as well as a pair of Buff-banded Rails with tiny chicks.

A White-browed Shama that came extremely close to check us out on the mud-spring trail.
A fat Skink sp. at the campsite near the coconut sellers
Croaking frog in a stream on the way to the mud spring.
A female Painted Snipe looking lovely....
And a male looking at bit more chamouflaged...


  1. Nice shots, especially the Painted Snipe !

  2. Excellent pictures! I'm thinking of going there this weekend to take some pics :)