Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week ending 6th February - IRRI, Makiling

On the farms the Green Sandpiper and Peregrine continue to spend the winter here, and a Slaty-breasted Rail has joined the Sandpiper in its paddy.

On Sunday a slow stroll up Makiling was very productive. While attempting to lure a White-browed Shama into the open for a photograph I disturbed a small Night-Heron spp. It had been perched on a low branch (about 3m from the ground) and all I really saw was it taking off with its back to me, maybe a second's view of a small-heron shaped, basically brown bird. Two species of forest-dwelling Night Herons occur here, both migratory. Malaysian Night Heron, and Japanese Night Heron. The first is apparently 'scarce' while the other is 'rare' (Kennedy et al). They both have a similarly brown back. No idea which one it was, but it had to be one of them.

The only other noteworthy incident was a bird party consisting of Yellowish White-eye, Philippine Tailorbird, Black-naped Monarch and Elegant Tits. Nice to get the Tailorbird, they are usually only heard, and are very hard to see

Male Pied Bushchat

Flying Lizard, Draco spilopterus. It's not a bird, but it does fly!

From left to right, Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, Wood Sandpiper

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