Wednesday, April 11, 2012

IRRI - 11th April

Beautifully sunny afternoons all week, so I headed down to the fields on on Wednesday. Two groups of Long-toed Stints were the main highlight, 6 in the fields near the pylons, and a further 8 in the southernmost fields. Lots of Blue-tailed Bee-eaters about too, and several hundred Whiskered Terns, many in breeding plumage. Tscuschensis Yellow Wagtails and Grey Wagtails were also on passage.

On Friday two Pacific Golden Plovers flew through, the first record this spring.

 Long-toed Stint, looking smart...
Four Long-toed Stints of a group of 8 in the southern fields.
Many of the Whiskered Terns are in breeding plumage...
 A striking Grey Wagtail.

Lots of Blue-tailed Bee-eater today

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