Saturday, April 28, 2012

Besra at Bangkhong Kahoy - 29 April

One of the guides at BK valley found a Besra nest a week or so ago, and set up a small blind, so I had no hesitation in heading back to what is becoming my favourite birding spot in this part of Luzon. After a couple of false starts I found the blind, and settled down to wait. The bird took half an hour or so, but it eventually swooped up onto the nest and started building. It was a nice adult female, clearly showing a faint eye-brow and with heavily streaked underparts, rufous on white. She called for two short periods, but with no obvious reply, I assume the male must have been nearby, or on his way. After an hour of watching I left her to it and headed back.

Apart from the Besra I had good views of several Banahaw specials, including Chestnut-faced Babbler, and at least one Oriental Cuckoo.

Adult female Besra in the process of building a nest. She didn't bring any new materials, and the nest looks fairly complete so egg-laying may be soon.

While waiting for the Besra to appear several other species entertained me, including this raucous White-throated Kingfisher which I watched consuming a large metallic-green beetle (possibly a 'click beetle' Elateridae?).

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