Monday, April 16, 2012

Flowerpeckers of The Philippines

There are 15 species of Flowerpecker in The Philippines, of which 13 are endemic (according to my understanding of recent taxonomic revisions). I've seen most of them by now, and have photographs of some, so have decided to collect all my images in one place. This posting will be updated as I take new photographs, and if any further taxonomic changes are announced.

To date the species that are endemic to The Philippines are:

Olive-backed Flowerpecker. Prionochilus olivaceus.
Palawan Flowerpecker. P. plateni.
Striped Flowerpecker. Dicaeum aeruginosum.
Olive-capped Flowerpecker. D. nigrilore.
Flame-crowned Flowerpecker. D. anthonyi.
Bicolored Flowerpecker. D. bicolor.
Whiskered Flowerpecker. D. proprium.
Cebu Flowerpecker. D. quadricolor. (Possibly extinct)
Red-keeled Flowerpecker. D. australe.
Visayan Flowerpecker. D. haematostictum. (A recent split from Red-keeled)
Scarlet-collared Flowerpecker. D. retrocinctum.
Buzzing Flowerpecker. D. hypoleucum. 
Pygmy Flowerpecker. D. pygmaeum.

In addition the following two species have distributions extending beyond The Philippines, into the rest of South-East Asia:

Orange-bellied FlowerpeckerD. trigonostigma.
Fire-breasted FlowerpeckerD. ignipectus.

Almost every one of these has a number of distinct races, some of which will probably be considered to be good species in the future.

Striped FlowerpeckerDicaeum aeruginosum striatissimum.

IRRI, 22/10/11

Fire-breasted Flowerpecker, D. ignipectus luzoniense.

Mt Banahaw, 14/04/12.
Red-keeled Flowerpecker, D. australe.

Mt Makiling,
Visayan Flowerpecker, D. haematostictum.

Dumaguete, 18/12/11

Pygmy FlowerpeckerD. p. pygmaeum.

Mt Makiling, 22/10/11

Orange-bellied Flowerpecker,  D. trigonostigma  xanthopygium.

Mindoro, 1/11/11
Olive-capped Flowerpecker, D. n. nigrilore.

Mt Kitanglad, 8/1/11
Buzzing Flowerpecker, D. hypoleucum obscurum.

Mt Makiling, 19/11/11

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  1. I'm looking forward to the complete FP collection ... very attractive so far.