Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Red-necked Phalarope at IRRI

A big surprise this afternoon was a single Red-necked Phalarope on one of the paddies at IRRI. It was in company with a hundred or so Wood Sandpipers, a Long-toed Stint and a few dozen Little Ringed Plovers. They are regular migrants through the Philippines, but almost always offshore. They are pretty scarce inland, and this is certainly the first inland bird I've seen (or heard of since I came in 2008).


  1. What a great find! Unfortunately we can't go inside IRRI (and take pictures) without a permit from the head of security. (we tried once and we were asked to report to the security office for investigation).

  2. That is a problem! I can take small groups in (a carful at a time). Not sure how long this bird will stay though. I'll check tomorrow and post an update.

  3. Happy Birthday, Paul! (Saw your birthday at the Philippine Bird Photography Forum).