Friday, December 17, 2010

Week ending 19th December - IRRI, Makiling

A squally week in Los Banos, with rain and drizzle most days. On Tuesday I got down to the fields, and had both Common Kestrel and Peregrine on the upland farms, which was a nice surprise. I went looking for Clamorous Reed warbler for the ADUC, and on my way there two birds on the track gave me pause, The first was Buff-banded Rail, so I almost didn't look at the second, assuming it was part of a pair, good thing I did as it was my first Slaty-breasted Rail in over a month. The long grass has been cut so Clamorous Corner was dead, but a nearby patch of reeds looked promising. I pished once and a large acro popped up straight away. Not the Clamorous though, Oriental Reed warbler, quite a rarity here.

Wednesday I repeated the plan and this time the Clamorous Reed Warbler appeared on cue. Not much else though.

The Christmas holidays started on Friday, but I was laid up all day with a cricked neck. Got out early on Saturday though, and drove as far up Makiling as I could go, intending to walk to Peak 2. I rarely get so high, particularly early morning, so was hopeful of something new. Sadly the day was dominated by drizzle, mist, mud and leeches. Best birds were probably Yellow-bellied Whistlers.

Long-tailed Shrike. Still one of my favourites.

Cattle Egret, following the farm machinery around. Should really be called a Plough Egret.

I still haven't identified this properly, but if it isn't called a Green-headed Skink then it ought to be

A lovely engorged Leech on my big toe after my yomp up Makiling. I'd found and dislodged the three on my face and neck, but the one that crawled into my shoes and attached itself to my big toe escaped me until I got home

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