Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week ending 30th October - IRRI, Sabang

An interesting week. It started with a Red-necked Phalarope on the Experimental Farm on Tuesday afternoon. That had gone by the next day, leaving a Kentish Plover and two Long-toed Stints in its place. On my early morning run on Wednesday I heard the usual Philippine Hawk Owls, as well as a Philippine Nightjar in the staff compound, my first record there. Also on Wednesday a Philippine Scops Owl flew over my head as I was waiting in the IRRI car park to collect Fiona.

On Saturday we went to Sabang on Mindoro for a family/ diving holiday. The only birds on the way over were a flock of Common Terns.

Kentish Plover

Common Terns on the crossing from Batangas to Sabang


  1. Hi Paul, I hope it isn't too much to ask but I'm wondering if you can possibly assist me or direct me to someone who might be able to. My husband and I live in Arizona and are both birders. We will be visiting the Philippines (Manila) in a couple of weeks for about a week. My husband will be there for work and I will have days free, for birding and sightseeing. Neither of us have ever been anywhere in Asia before so it will be all new for us and we're both hoping to pick up some lifers. Do you have any suggestions?

  2. Gosh! Manila is a large, confusing, poorly signposted Asian city. I wouldn't suggest you went birding anywhere on your own as all the places I could send you would be hard to find without local knowledge. Mark Wallbank ( does occasional guided tours and he may be able to help.