Saturday, March 15, 2014

Week ending 16th March - IRRI

A more interesting week with a second Peregrine (this time a juvenile) present on the upland farm all week. The dry fields in the same area continue to provide brief glimpses of Blue-breasted Quail mixed in about 50/50 with the Barred Buttonquails.

At staff housing a Pink-necked Green Pigeon gave great views in my back garden, and a Luzon Hawk-Owl visited Fiona's goodbye party on Saturday night.

Female Pink-necked Green Pigeon perched in a small tree in my back garden. The is the first I've seen of this species in the Makiling area, though they are common enough elsewhere, especially at San Juan.

Another female Barred Buttonquail in flight, showing the broad buff upperwing coverts.
Blue-breasted Quail, fairly uniform dark upperparts in flight. Clearly different from the buttonquail!
Juvenile calidus Peregrine on a pylon in the upland farm. This is the first time I've seen two different birds on the farm at the same time.


  1. Buttonquail ! I always seem to view them flying away !

  2. Did you see any predator-prey interaction with the falcons?

  3. No kills, only Peregrines swooping down over flocks in the fields. Have no idea of the species they usually predate at IRRI.