Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5th March - IRRI

Very little change in the fields this week. The temperature is increasing and there are a lot of very dry fields, but as yet few birds are stirring themselves to move. The main birds in the fields are Wood Sandpipers, Whiskered Terns and Brown Shrikes.

Nocturnal birds are becoming more vocal and I hear Philippine Scops, Luzon Hawk-Owl and Philippine Nightjar nightly from my house, and the Philippine Hawk Cuckoos have started up as well.

A flock of Purple Needletails have been haunting the staff housing complex for the last few days.

I have been trying to photograph Buttonquails in flight recently. This is the best effort of the week, a female Barred Buttonquail.
House Swift. Regularly come to drink on the farm ponds.
The Whiskered Terns are ever-present at this time of year.
A very obliging Striated Grassbird.
And of course the Peregrine is still here. 

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