Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ponderosa Golf Club, Puerto Galera - 8th April

After San Cristobal Richard and I joined Simon on his return to Puerto Galera, and we tried for night-birds at Ponderosa the next morning. No nightjars were in evidence, but we did get a response from a recording of Mindoro Boobok, though we didn't see it at all.

We started down the quarry track at first light, but saw very little apart from Mindoro Bulbuls and Philippine Cuckoo-Doves until we got to the quarry itself. Almost immediately we had a Pink-bellied Imperial Pigeon fly past, and quickly heard Blue-crowned Racquet-tails calling, though they were never visible. A large flock of Purple Needletails hunted overhead for most of our time there, as did smaller numbers of Glossy Swifllet. Once the day had warmed up the raptors started, with first a Changeable Hawk-Eagle and then a Philippine Serpent Eagle.

On the way back we had a little more luck, with White-eared Brown Dove and Chinese Goshawk showing well, but it was basically a quiet day with a few small highlights.

An interestingly plumaged Changeable Hawk-Eagle.

White-eared Brown-Dove
Chinese Goshawk
One of many thousands of Cicadas that provided the background din to the weekend. At one point Simon measure the noise levels at 90dB.

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