Thursday, February 28, 2013

Spotted Buttonquail in the garden - 28th Feb

A quiet week birdwise mainly due to an increased workload. The best bird of the week by far was a pair of Spotted Buttonquails crossing the road by my house on Thursday. I've seen a pair of these several times over the last few weeks, always in the late afternoon crossing the road from my garden going to the house opposite. They seem to be on a bit of a regular circuit, hopefully I can get some better pictures soon.

Female Spotted Buttonquail.
Grey-streaked Flycatcher. In the staff housing compound at IRRI.
Striated Swallow. On the upland farms in the early part of the week.
Green Paddy Frog. Easy to find in the fountain just inside the entrance of the Botanical Gardens at Makiling, these make brilliant subjects!


  1. I'd love to get Buttonquail in MY yard ! Just Magpie Robins at the moment..