Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Week ending 10th July - Dun Loaghaire

On Tuesday I spent the day down at Dun Loaghaire (a fun pronunciation challenge for non-Irish). In the last few years the population of Mediterranean Gulls here has increased from a few stray individuals passing through every year, to a healthy breeding population. Even in the 10 years or so I have been visiting the area I have noticed an increase, and I saw at least 60 birds together today. Most are east of the harbour at Dun Loaghaire, in what is known as Scotsman's Bay. Further afield a few birds are in most areas of Dublin Bay, so I'd say the population is in the hundreds. In amongst them were several Common Terns, and a scattering of Black-headed Gulls.

Mediterranean Gull - adult.

Mediterranean Gull - Juvenile

Mediterranean Gull and Common Tern

Black-headed Gull - adult

Common Tern

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