Saturday, November 10, 2012

IRRI - 10th Nov

My planned forest visits were scuppered by a lack of appropriate transport, so birding was restricted to a quick trip to the fields on Saturday. The most interesting bird was the Peregrine which has reappeared for the first time this winter. Previous early dates were 15 Oct in 2011, and 21 Nov in 2010.

Not much else about. A Bright-capped Cisticola coming into breeding plumage was an unusual sight in midweek.

Peregrine, F. peregrinus calidus, a common winter visitor in The Philippines....
... which is very different from  the much smaller resident race, F. p. ernesti. This one was photographed on a high-rise block of flats in Manila.

Long-tailed Shrike
Bright-capped Cisticola.

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  1. The Peregrine is pretty cool but really love the pose of the Long-tailed Shrike.