Monday, October 29, 2012

Makiling Botanical Gardens - 30th Oct

A short walk through the botanical gardens at Makiling today. Not too much about, but 2 nice male Indigo-banded Kingfishers was a bonus. A Yellow-bellied Whistler was the only other highlight. Supporting birds included Grey Wagtail, Balicassiao and Red-keeled Flowerpecker.

Male Indigo-banded Kingfisher. The light was very poor in this extremely gloomy corner, so not great photos unfortunately, but these are the first IBKs I've seen in quite a while...
...another male, couldn't find a female today.
Yellow-bellied Whistler, ssp. philippinensis.


  1. That is one seriously sexy KF

  2. Yes, I'm jealous of the kingfisher shots, too !

  3. hola este es mi blog me gustaria intercambiar observaciones.
    un saludo desde España