Friday, January 6, 2012

Siquijor - 29th December to 6th January

An unexpectedly quick return to Siquijor occasioned by an unbelievable stuff-up in our holiday booking to Boracay which meant the family holiday was cancelled at 24 hours notice! Fortunately Coco Grove had a spot, so I was back  considerably earlier than I had expected! This being a family holiday birding time was limited to what I could find in the resort grounds. The principal birds were Asian Glossy Starlings and Olive-backed Sunbirds, but several other species were present in small numbers including Streak-breasted Bulbul, Philippine Magpie-Robin, Pied Triller, Zebra Dove and Spotted Dove. A comparatively dull start to the birding year after a magnificent 2011, but plenty of trips planned for the coming months...

Streak-breasted Bulbul. Note the loose crest, dark crown and white streaks on light brown throat (separating this from the newly split Tablas Bulbul)

Male Philippine Magpie-Robin

Adult and juvenile Asian Glossy Starling

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