Friday, December 9, 2011

San Juan - 10th December

Saturday saw a break in the monotonous daily rain this week, so I headed to the coast to try and find some migrants, specifically waders and ducks. The fish ponds at San Juan had no ducks, but a fair collection of common waders. Hundreds of Marsh Sandpipers and Black-winged Stilts, fewer Pacific Golden Plovers and Greenshanks, and a handful of Common Sandpipers. On the beach only Kentish Plovers. Near the ponds a flock of Pink-necked Green Pigeons were much less bothered by me than previously, and sat out in the open.

Heron species included both Rufous Night-Heron and Black-crowned Night-heron, Green-backed Heron, Purple Heron and Great Egret.

Down on the beach I once again searched for Savannah Nightjar, and had basically given up and was heading back to the car when one flew out from practically under my feet. It landed close, and in the open, treating me to the best views I've ever had of this cracking species. Not only did it sit still long enough to be photographed, it also flushed a couple of times giving great flight views, and even called once when flushed.

 Pink-necked Green Pigeon, 2 males...
... one female...
... and more joining the party
 Rufous Night-Heron
 Black-crowned Night Heron
Savannah Nightjar of the endemic subspecies griseatus
Note the very short tail and the small white patch below the base of the bill. Huge white wing-spots and lots of white in the tail too, some of which is visible here. This bird actually called briefly when I flushed it the third time, first time I've heard it.

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