Thursday, November 3, 2011

2nd Nov 2011 - Subic

A much anticipated return to Subic to catch up with three of the key birds I missed last year. Sadly the weather didn't play its part, being quite wet, but unyielding officialdom scuppered the trip completely when I was refused entry to the forest near Hill 394 on my second visit. Apparently it is a 'restricted zone', no idea why. The trip started well (but damply), with Northern Sooty Woodpecker and White-bellied Woodpecker in various areas of the forest. A group of Rufous-crowned Bee-eaters, M. americanus (split from Blue-throated Bee-eater, M. viridis) was at the start of the trail on Hill 394. Purple Needletails zoomed around, and both Brahminy Kites and White-bellied Sea-Eagles haunted the bat colonies. Several Whiskered Swiftlets were on the wires along the road too, all in all a nice selection of Subic birds. Pity about the bureaucrats.
 Red-crested Malkoha
Northern Sooty Woodpecker. Recently split from the birds in the south, this has a red forehead, face and malar stripe, Southern Sooty Woodpecker has a red malar stripe only.

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