Friday, November 19, 2010

Week ending 21st November - IRRI

On Tuesday I had to go to IRRI quite late to pick someone up, I was early so stopped off in the upland farm for a sundowner. As the sun dropped a Philippine Nightjar started calling, and flew out into the open after only a couple of minutes. As I was congratulating myself on this unexpected bounty a much larger Nightjar flew overhead, Great-eared Nightjar as well! Brilliant, and I shall check this spot again!

On Friday an afternoon drive produced a huge flock of 100+ Grey Wagtails in a field, obviously resting on passage. I've never seen so many before though. Several ADUC records, including Asian Palm Swift, Grey Wagtail, Chestnut Munia, White-bellied Munia, and the two Nightjar spp.

On Sunday I was woken at about 5:00am by a Philippine Scops Owl calling near my house. I shot out with my playback gear looking for it, but no luck. As I was up anyway, I went down to the farms. Not bad, with the best birds being at least two Clamorous Reed Warblers on the upland farms, the first of winter.

Little Ringed Plover Lots about at the moment

Common Kingfisher Looks like a first year

Brown Shrike with a very unlucky Dragonfly!

Little Egret

Cattle Egret with one of the few actual cows here

The first Clamorous Reed Warbler of winter. A bit later than last year. Very noisy, hiding in the long grass on the upland farms

Guiabero in mid-squawk at ISH. These can be incredibly hard to see in a leafy tree, but this one seems to be a bit of an exhibitionist!

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