Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sunday 14th November - IRRI

Not much time to bird the fields this week, most birding time has been at the fig tree near TREES. Did get down for a brief time on Sunday morning. A nice day, with lots of Whiskered Terns, and various Egret spp. An oddity was a Philippine Woodpecker in the trees along the stream in the experimental station. ADUC records were; Pacific Swallow, Chinese Egret and Philippine Woodpecker

juvenile Yellow Wagtail ssp.?

Adult Yellow Wagtail, ssp.? Some yellow in the supercilium, and a uniform olive green crown, nape and mantle point to a possible taivana, but the lack of dark ear coverts indicates tschutchensis. These wagtails are confusing!

Little Egret

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