Saturday, August 28, 2010

Week ending 29th August

A very wet week, with few opportunities to get to the fields. Friday 27th was the first good day. A flock of 20+ Pacific Golden Plovers has occupied a ploughed field for the last couple of days. While watching these on Friday a smart Barred Buttonquail popped into view and scurried along the edge of the field. Difficult to focus on as they never stop moving, nevertheless a couple of usable photographs, the best of which is below. The Plovers themselves are quite wary of people, but still in remnants of breeding plumage, so quite nice. The same day a pair of Java Sparrows posed obligingly. Little else of note. Wood Sandpiper and Common Sandpiper numbers are increasing steadily, but no other waders yet.

Spotted Dove

Pacific Golden Plover A smart bird, but keeping its distance

Chestnut Munia Very photogenic!

Barred Buttonquail A very smart female being evasive.

Java Sparrow Our (feral) population here seems in good health.

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