Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week ending 15th August

The first interesting sighting this week was an adult White-bellied Sea Eagle flying high over the Calamba-Los Banos highway on Thursday. They should be everywhere, but I have yet to see one even on the coast. The bird I saw must have been coming from the main lagoon of the Philippines, Laguna de Bay, which is absolutely rank. I have been down there and seen terns and a few Little Egrets so some birds survive, but the number of humans whose waste empties into that lagoon numbers in the tens of millions, if I was an Eagle I wouldn't go near it!

Friday was dry, and several Oriental Pratincoles showed up, the first for a couple of weeks. While I was watching them a gorgeous Red Turtle Dove landed right in front of me. Other noteworthy birds inculded a fly-over Pied Triller and a flock of 20+ Java Sparrows. I've not seen more than 4 together before, so this was a big surprise.

Sunday was also dry. I relocated a Golden-headed (Bright-capped) Cisticola I'd found a month or so ago, this time with a mate. Beautiful, in full breeding plumage, but crap light sadly. Next time. Several Blue-tailed Bee-eaters were around, they have also been away for a while.

White-browed Crake. An abundant species in the rice fields. This cracking bird was showing very well on Sunday.

Cinnamon Bittern Very visible at the moment, often seen flying overhead, sometimes quite high.

Chestnut Munia A very smart adult. Very common and visible at the moment.

Zebra Dove

Red Turtle Dove A stunning bird when seen well. This one just plonked down in front of me while I was watching some Pratincoles.

Oriental Pratincole (juvenile) Most of the adult plumage features are all but absent in this juvenile (collar, throat patch, red on the bill), except for the red underwing which is completely developed.

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