Saturday, September 21, 2013

Week ending 21st Sept - IRRI

Migration continues with the arrival of Pacific Golden Plovers and Whiskered Terns at IRRI. The Oriental Plovers stayed throughout the week, moving around a little in the fields of the upland farm, though only 7 were seen on Monday, and no more than 6 thereafter.

Intermediate Egrets have also arrived probably in response to all the tilling activity going on in the fields. Oriental Pratincoles are staring to gather in large flocks, possibly preparing for the trip south. Large numbers of Yellow Wagtails are everywhere, with a few Grey Wagtails mixed in. There are still a few Blue-tailed Bee-eaters around as well.

Pacific Golden Plover

Adult winter plumaged Oriental Plover.

Adult Stilt, showing characteristics of White-headed Stilt.
 Whiskered Tern
Intermediate Egret
Oriental Pratincole

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