Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week ending 10th April - IRRI, Donsol

Another fairly quiet week on the farms. The Peregrine was back after an absence of about a week, during which I'd seen others in several places. They seem to be on the move at the moment, so I'm sure our wintering bird will be off soon. Java Sparrows visible once again, as well as the standard migrants.

The week ended with a trip to Donsol with Conor to see the Whale Sharks (a video of which is here). I didn't take my bins, so of course had great views of Black-chinned Fruit Dove as soon as we arrived! To be fair it was the only bird of note, the rest being Tree Sparrows, White-breasted Wood-Swallow, Emerald Dove and Whiskered Terns. the Whale Sharks were amazing though!

Cattle Egret, looking great! Can't stop taking pictures of these.

Paddyfield Pipit

Blue-tailed Bee-eater. Back in force now.

(Philippine) Blue Rock Thrush. Still hard to get a decent picture

Common Sandpiper

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