Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week ending 23rd January - IRRI

The Green Sandpiper from last week stayed throughout the week, showing almost every day. In the same area a reasonable sized flock (15 + birds) of Red Turtle Doves was similarly reliable as was the Peregrine. I tried for the nightjars on Wednesday and was rewarded with a brief view of a Great-eared Nightjar, and calling Philippine Nightjar. Several Black-crowned Night-Herons have been hanging around too.

Several odd sightings of birds passing through included an Osprey, and a flock of Ashy Minivet on Monday and a Purple Heron on Saturday.

Purple Heron on the upland farm. A scarce winter visitor. One bird spent much of the winter of 2008 - 2009 on the upland farm, but this is the first sighting since then.

Painted Snipe. Very visible at the moment.

Green Sandpiper still on the experimental farm.

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