Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week ending 24th October - IRRI

The poor migration season continues on the farms, with no new migrants on show. Common Kingfishers are a little more numerous than previously, but nothing else has changed.

At the staff housing complex a Chinese Goshawk hunting in the trees near the guest-house was nice. The fig tree at TREES lodge is starting to bear fruit, and Luzon Hornbill can be heard almost all the time in the area. I'll keep an eye on the tree, and hopefully will get a view of some doves.

Two of a flock of Whiskered Terns that winter at the farms. They are usually found hunting over the scattered reservoirs, but later in winter they'll rest in the ploughed fields themselves.

Long-tailed Shrike, ssp. nasutus. Common and quite visible on the upland farms, but rarely in the (wetter) lowland farms.

Cattle Egret. A large flock has recently arrived for the winter, and are following the Carabao around.

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